N\O Creative Haircare introduces the renewed Urban Nature line. The original Urban Nature line consisted of a Clarifying shampoo, a Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, a Smoothing shampoo and conditioner, a Nourishing shampoo and conditioner and a Rebuilding mask. The Urban Nature line was characterized by nourishing shampoos and conditioners, enriched with the most important natural ingredients to optimally respond the needs of hair. After years of use and a changing demand from the professional and customer, a development has been started to further refine and improve the Urban Nature line at product level.

For example, the new Urban Nature line is 100% vegan, with only necessary natural ingredients and no chemical alternatives. In addition, the entire Ubran Nature line is completely free of SLS, SLES, mineral oils, parabens and silicone. The products are characterized by a synergistic mix of active natural ingredients, where in the previous line often one important ingredient was decisive for the effect. The new line contains several natural ingredients that reinforce each other to achieve the desired result. This ensures more layering in the products. All shampoos and conditioners are provided with a UV filter, which means that the products can also be used for colored hair. All products from the line are provided with new natural scents that are all allergy free. The renewed Urban Nature line offers the same range of products, but a number of them now have a changed name. The Rebuilding Mask has been removed from the line and will be replaced by Repair Mask from the Purity line.



NO Creative Haircare offers a carefully developed collection of hair products, which supports the complete treatment cycle in the salon. For this purpose the NO Technology has been developed, which consists of Care, Color and Create. This C3 Technology is reflected in the care line Urban Nature, the color system Colorizer and the styling line Creator. The Care category has been expanded with the Purity care line, products for specific hair types and color conditions.

The NO Purity line is 100% vegan and free of SLS/SLES, silicone, parabens, petrolatum, kerosene, mineral oils, palm oil and allergens. The products contain only necessary ingredients and active ingredients, such as argan oil, shea butter, green tea extract and centella asiatica extract. We stand for 100% vegan for products that are free of animal ingredients, where possible they have been replaced by natural ingredients and not by chemical alternatives. These natural ingredients have been selected based on science about the effectiveness and suitability of each of these ingredients to meet specific hair needs. Our formulas work in a synergistic mix based on these specific active ingredients. The complete formulas have been carefully developed to achieve targeted performance and action on the hair. Each ingredient helps the other to function best. Natural ingredients Original creations.