General terms & conditions: NO Natural Original

The following General Terms & Conditions shall apply to all sales and deliveries in both the Netherlands and abroad. Regardless of potential differences with purchasing terms of the other party in a contract, deviation from these Terms & Conditions will be possible only with written approval from ROGAZI BV, hereafter referred to as ‘Seller’.

  1. In the absence of agreements dictating otherwise, the Purchaser must submit payment of all amounts owed immediately. Delivered goods remain property of the Seller until such time as they are paid for in full. In principle, any and all payments will be credited towards the oldest outstanding invoice(s) first.
  2. Returns will be accepted only with the Seller’s permission. Any credit owed will be issued once the goods have been received at the Seller’s warehouse.
  3. All quotes are free from obligation.
  4. Orders where the total net value of goods (exclusive of VAT) equals or exceeds €130 will be delivered carriage paid. For orders under €130, shipping and handling fees in the amount of €9.95 (ex. VAT) will be added to the total. Agreements with our sales consultant beyond the scope of these Terms & Conditions shall be binding only when confirmed in writing by both parties.
  5. Erroneous deliveries must be reported to the Seller within three working days of receipt. When defects in merchandise are recognised, this will be cause for replacement only and will not entitle the Buyer to any damages.
  6. If payment is submitted via direct debit, the Buyer will be entitled to a payment discount of 2%.
  7. Deliveries must be inspected for damage upon receipt, in the presence of the delivery driver, or the recipient must sign for ‘provisional’ acceptance.
  8. If the goods are revealed to be damaged, the Buyer will be reimbursed. When the Buyer fails to inspect the goods, or damage is revealed after definitive acceptance via signature, we will be unable to reimburse the Buyer for the damage and it will be the Buyer’s responsibility.
  9. Buyers additionally have the option to pick up products from the Seller’s offices at Neerloopweg 10, in Breda. No shipping fees will be charged when products are picked up.
  10. In the event a situation arises between Buyer and Seller that is not addressed in these General Terms & Conditions, this situation must be judged in the spirit of these General Terms & Conditions.
  11. The Seller makes every effort to ensure the descriptions of the products and/or services on offer, as found on the website and printed materials, are as comprehensive as possible. These descriptions are sufficiently detailed that the Buyer is able to accurately judge the offer. When the Seller includes images along with these descriptions, the images are a realistic depiction of the items in question. Apparent mistakes or errors, as well as minor deviations in the delivered product as compared to the offers on display result in no obligation to the Seller, nor do they constitute cause for the Buyer to dissolve the purchase agreement and/or seek damages.
  12. In the event the Buyer does not sell the products purchased to end customers for the retail price set by the Seller (including online sales), the Seller will take immediate steps to terminate the sale and delivery of Seller’s products to the Buyer.
  13. Seller retains the right to adjust or terminate any fixed discounts included on invoices should this prove necessary.