COLORIZER ORIGINAL \ Permanent hair coloring cream. Parabens FREE. Enriched with Hydrolized Keratin and Pantenol (Vitamin B5), extremely gentle on hair, no damages; it is perfect for people who may be sensitive to hair coloring products; it has no odour, provides maximum comfort of the hairdressers and the client. The product is easy to squeeze, mix and apply.

  • More than 25 shades available. (METALLIC AND MIXTONES).
  • Mixing ratio with Colorizer Activator: ORIGINAL 1 : 1,5 \ Combined with SUPER LIGHTENERS 1 : 2.
  • Provides repairing and protecting action on hair treated for extreme results.
  • 100% grey coverage.
  • Intense and vibrant glossy tones.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Enriched with hydrolized keratin and panthenol.